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Over the years there have been quite a few community requests for someone to restore the Beastformers and Battle Beasts mail-away posters, and while I don’t currently have access to the USA or Canadian versions I’ve had the Japanese version framed in my office for a while now. I suppose scanning and restoring the largest piece of paper in my collection is an enthusiastic first step to take, right?

Overall my copy is in great condition for displaying in a frame, but there’s no getting around the fact that all of these posters were originally quad-folded before being sent through the mail. That means it’s near impossible to find one without crease marks, and mine was no exception. So I knew I had my work cut out for me when I started this, but overall I’m satisfied with the results.

The intersections of the creases were in need of the most attention.

The intersections of the creases were in need of the most attention.

Leave me your thoughts or any additional suggestions for the Notes section in a comment below, and enjoy!


  • Poster Dimensions: 29.5″ x 23.25″
  • Depicts all 76 Series 1-3 Beastformers
  • Beasts are organized into their original Autobot (left) and Destron (right) factions led by White Leo and Alligatron, respectively.
    • The USA and Canadian versions of this poster were reorganized to remove this emphasis, as the line was not associated with the Transformers franchise outside of Japan.
 Japanese Beastformers Mail-Away Roster Poster

Japanese Beastformers Mail-Away Roster Poster

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