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A Japan-exclusive boxed set of Beastformers, containing either Sunburst White Leo or Ghost (Clear) Alligatron and an assortment of Series 3 Beasts.

Sunburst Set Contents

  • 1 of 2 Exclusive Beastformers Figures
    • Sunburst White Leo
    • Ghost Alligatron
  • 7 of the Following Series 3 Beastformers:
    • #56 Tarsier
    • #57 Panther
    • #61 Pointer
    • #62 Pig
    • #64 Ox
    • #65 Pangolin
    • #66 Sloth
    • #67 Aardvark
    • #68 Bovine
    • #72 Crow
    • #73 Flamingo
    • #76 Orangutan
  • 7 Matching Series 3 Weapons
  • 1 Matching Series 1 Weapon (White Leo or Alligatron)
  • 8 Matching Beastformers Trading Cards
  • Beastformers Photo Roster Mini Poster
  • Half of the Mysterious Ancient Document 
  • Burstsun Special Set Questionnaire for the Stone Cobra Mail-Away Promotion


  • The Sunburst White Leo figure was also technically available through a randomized sticker insert promotion. This allowed one to remove the original figure’s sticker and replace it with a Sunburst sticker. However, this boxed set was the only way the figure was available for direct retail purchase with the sticker already applied, and still there was only a 50/50 chance it would be included.
  • Ghost Alligatron is one of three Beasts that were cast in transparent rubber, the others being Crystal Killer Fish, and Striped Killer Fish
  • The included half of the Ancient Mysterious Document and Burstsun Special Set Questionnaire were both required elements of the Stone Cobra Mail-away Promotion , the origin of the Stone Cobra premium figure.
  • The Transformers, Autobot, and Destron logos are all depicted on this packaging as the Beastofmrers line had not yet severed ties with the Transformers franchise at the time this set was released.

Beastformers Burstsun Special Set Box Scan
Beastformers Burstsun Special Set Box ScanClick to Enlarge

Beastformers Burstsun Special Set Box Scan

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